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Paintings painted on recycled steel plates

26 March, 2019
Reproductions of paintings on steel plates or sheets mounted on wooden frames. An exclusive product from our workshop with an extraordinary appearance.

Paintings painted on recovered steel sheets, which give both an aged and retro look.

A superb decorative object, original and with an unparalleled texture - an exclusive Canvas Painting product.

Oil painting on steel plates or sheets

Painting on steel is done in the same way as painting on canvas. The difference being the support, and the preparation of this support, so that the oil paint adheres to it properly. Otherwise the process is the same (for the artist).

Painting by Pébéo brand is the same as for paintings on canvas, it is the reference brand for quality French pigments.

The basic support

Old and worn sheet steel. A superb texture, perforated on both sides, which gives a fantastic effect.

Recycled steel sheets are cleaned and treated against rust.

The wooden support frame

The wood we use for our frames is imported fir (Sweden), dry, treated against parasites, then tinted and reprocessed in the workshop. 

The frame is five to eight centimeters thick and guarantees you against warping of the steel plate in the long run.

Prices for decoration professionals

The prices of our reproductions of paintings on steel plates are only slightly higher than our prices of reproductions on canvas.

Ask us for a quote without obligation on your part.

Constraints for ordering steel panels

  • No small sizes, minimum 1 meter by 1 meter - the texture on aged steel does not reflect anything on the small models.
  • Transport is not included in the price, and is paid before sending the painting on steel plates. Ask us for a quote.


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