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Large Format Reproductions

26 March, 2019
Our reproductions of large format paintings, or very large, are simply impressive, by their quality and by their large dimensions.

Making large-scale reproductions requires know-how, equipment, but also adequate premises.

One of the largest canvases we made was a reproduction of Caravaggio, Judith Beheading Holofernes, which measured 9 meters wide by 5 meters high. A very large format canvas, therefore, made for a nightclub in Australia.

It doesn't sound huge like that, but I can assure you that being around is awesome.


Large format paintings reproductions at the P Oeuvre Art workshop

What we consider to be a large format canvas reproduction ranges from 150 cm to 10 meters or more across; these are generally canvases which require a little different work than those of "classic" size.

Indeed, the perspective that the artist has in relation to his work is totally different in the sense that he does not have the necessary distance to appreciate the details on the whole canvas.

To better understand what I'm talking about, first read this page explaining how we do our reproductions of paintings.

1. Installation of the frame and treatment of the canvas

The frame remains more or less the same, except of course that it benefits from multiple wooden crossbars in order to solidify and correctly tension the whole. Wooden partitions are generally several times 100 to 150 cm, depending on the desired final size.

There is no canvas, as in the case of Judith beheading Holofernes, 9 meters by 5 meters in a single roll. To overcome this drawback, we sew together several pieces of canvas generally two meters high across the width, depending on the size of the finished canvas. The seams are invisible on the front.

After the frame is ready and the canvas sewn, they are assembled, and we prepare the canvas by applying a layer called chalk, which will allow the solidification of the canvas, the masking of the seams and which will also prevent the canvas from absorbing too much paint, which could lead to color differences depending on the places and successive layers. This is very important, because on large format paintings, the color differences are immediately visible.

As you can see in the picture, the set is big, and we are forced to use scaffolding to paint the different parts.

2. Pattern grid and decal

When reproducing a classic sized canvas, the artist defines the different areas of the canvas, assesses the proportions and paints "directly" on the gesso.

Here, you guessed it, it's a bit more complicated, with every part of the canvas being huge. To allow our reproductions of large-format paintings to be faithful to the original, we use a technique learned in kindergarten: the decal.

Each part of the model is cut into zones, which are themselves transferred to the canvas in large size in as many sectors. 

Then we reproduce each part one by one, and enlarge them to the desired size: which is already quite a job in itself! 

Once the shapes and outlines have been reproduced on sheets of one meter by one meter, we transfer them directly to the canvas in large format, taking care to fit all the lines between sections.

This stage of preparation is essential and allows to have a reproduction in large size which scrupulously respects the details and the proportions of the work which serves as a model.

3. Finishing of large size paintings

The finalization of the work remains classic and follows our general reproduction techniques, apart from the fact that the brushes used are notably larger.

Warning, our reproductions of large format paintings are not murals, in that they are mounted on a frame and are therefore easily removable and movable.

We can also design murals, which adapt to the walls of your room and are this time painted on canvas to stick to the walls, like wallpaper.

Consult us in any case, for more information, a tailor-made quote will be sent to you free of charge and without obligation on your part. 

We can reproduce any painting in any size.

Do not hesitate to contact our workshop for your large size painting.

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