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Our painting reproduction workshop

August 08, 2021
Our painting reproduction workshop opened its doors in 1996.

It was initially a small structure, with few painters and a clientele of expatriates and locals interested in painting techniques on canvas.

A few clients, who appreciated the quality of our work, began to export it, mainly to Europe and the United States. This is where it all started.


The beginnings of tourism and the Internet

Ten years later, tourism having developed, we decided to open a small shop, in order to be able to sell locally, and to show the public our painters at work.

The reception was also very good and the store is still open to this day.


The website was launched a few years ago and has had some success, even if the beginnings were laborious. There is, indeed, a big competition on the net, and it is difficult to place yourself correctly. Our loyal customers have also greatly helped to make it known, and we thank them!


Our team

The team of painters is made up of a dozen painters permanently employed in the studio, a dozen painters who prefer to work directly at home, at their own pace, as freelancers.

For supervision: Paul manages the whole and takes care of the website and Baptiste of the workshop.

Our clientele is divided between the United States (70%) and France (20%), the remaining 10% being shared between local clients and the rest of the world.


The services of our paint shop

We now have a large studio of 1000 square meters, and a good production capacity. We realize :

Your superb reproductions of paintings in our workshop

Our philosophy ...

All your reproductions of paintings are hand painted in our workshop. We only use classic techniques and materials.

We carry out for you real oil paintings which give an unequaled result and which resist time.

Our philosophy is centered on the follow-up of your fabric, the quality of realization and the relationship with our customers, whose orders we follow from start to finish.

Reproductions of hand-painted paintings

Our reproductions of paintings are made on quality canvas, prepared and painted directly in our workshop.

After finishing, they remain there for the normal drying time for a canvas, after rechecking, we pack them and deliver them to you.

We do not go through intermediaries, nor have an expensive sales team, we do not buy from other workshops to resell, hence no additional costs or inflated prices. Your painting is made with us, and when it comes out, it arrives directly at your home.

We are proud to provide quality handcrafted reproductions at an affordable price to our connoisseur clientele for 20 years already.

A superb reproduction of a painting for your interior

Do not hesitate any longer and order your canvas from a professional artist with more than 20 years in the business, serving his customers.
Your canvas will be perfectly made, and will give you complete satisfaction, whether it is to decorate your home, your office, or as a gift for a friend for a special occasion, at Paul Œuvre Art, you will make the best possible purchase and benefit from exceptional quality.

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