Our painting reproduction workshop

August 08, 2021
Our painting reproduction workshop opened in 1996 and we are still there.

It was initially a small structure, with few painters and a clientele of expatriates and locals interested in painting techniques on canvas.

A few clients, who appreciated the quality of our work, began to export it, mainly to Europe and the United States. This is where it all started.


The beginnings of tourism and the Internet

Ten years later, tourism having developed, we decided to open a small shop, in order to be able to sell locally, and to show the public our painters at work.

The reception was also very good and the store is still open to this day.


The website, on the other hand, was launched a few years ago and has had some success, even if the beginnings were difficult. There is, in fact, a lot of competition on the net, and it is difficult to position yourself correctly. Our loyal customers have also helped a lot to make it known, and we thank them!


Our Team

The team of painters is made up of a dozen painters permanently employed in the studio of a dozen painters who prefer to work directly at home, at their own pace, as freelance.

For supervision: Paul manages the whole and takes care of the website and Baptiste of the workshop.

Our clientele is divided between the United States (70%) and France (20%), the remaining 10% being shared between local clients and the rest of the world.


The services of our paint shop

We now have a large studio of 1000 square meters, and a good production capacity. We realize :

We offer two qualities of work: normal quality and luxury line.


- Pfor normal quality, we work flat, in juxtapositions of colors. This simpler and faster technique gives a very good result for uncomplicated tables, and a correct result for others. The costs are lower because it requires less material, and less working time for good quality.

- Pfor the luxury line, the canvases are worked in several layers, using the glaze technique for the most complex paintings, with more material, and we spend twice as much time on details. This quality is recommended for all complicated paintings full of details, such as the paintings of the old masters.


We can offer you a free frame made in the workshop if you want the board assembled. In this case, however, the transport remains at your expense.


Hoping soon to have the pleasure of working on one of your paintings.

The Paul Oeuvre Art team

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