01 December, 2021
Frequently asked questions and general sales conditions

All of our paintings are handmade and we make sure to produce the best possible quality and meet your expectations. Our team works extremely hard to keep you satisfied, from ordering to completion to shipping.


Therefore, WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT OFFER refunds for orders placed by error, dissatisfaction or if you changed your mind overnight. Once an order has been placed, the transaction is considered final. Thank you for your understanding.



How long does it take to receive a reproduction of a painting?

- From 2 to 5 weeks in normal quality.

- From 3 to 8 weeks in luxury quality.

All depending on the size of the canvas, its difficulty and the orders already in progress at our workshop.


When do I have to pay for my canvas reproduction?

Payment is made on order. 


What are the shipping costs for my painting?

The amount of shipping costs is calculated during your order, from your shopping cart.

Please note: there may be overcharges if you live in a remote location.


What level of fidelity can we expect for a reproduction?

Our reproductions are faithful to the originals.

We double the working hours for luxury quality, so if you are picky about details and the chosen canvas is complex, take this option without hesitation.


Are there import taxes?

We pay the taxes and shipping cost from Vietnam. However, taking into account the country of reception, there may be possible import taxes. Usually in the range of $ 20-30; it all depends on the country, the latest regulations in force, the size of the painting and its declared price. Note that canvases sent mounted on a frame are generally more taxed than rolled canvases.

Please note: if you are in France, the basic import tax seems to have increased to € 39 recently.


Shipment with frame

Canvases ordered with a frame will be delivered assembled up to 100 cm. From 120 cm, the frames are delivered disassembled, next to the canvas. It is much better in terms of security, the whole remaining fragile. The assembly is done in 5 minutes: how to mount a canvas on a frame.

We remain at your disposal for a shipment of large format canvas mounted on a frame, if you want delivery in a wooden box. It's quite expensive, but it always arrives in perfect condition.


Limits of table reproductions

Museum quality, I 100% guarantee you won't tell the difference from the original. I tell you even better: if it is not exactly like the original, I will reimburse you. I am absolutely sure of our quality.

Pay attention to the colors
1) there are several photos of the same painting circulating on the net, with of course different colors. To make the reproduction, we use a photo print of the model which is on our site, which is the only one that is valid in case of disagreement. If this one does not suit you, submit your image in HD and we will reproduce it in the same way.

2) Colors may not appear on your computer screen as they do in real life due to: camera quality, lighting and contrast, and your monitor's brightness and contrast settings. I do not modify the compared colors in this way, so please trust me before receiving your reproduction.

I will send you the photo that served as a model with the canvas, for comparison, of course.

3) The paintings painted with a knife, the drips (like those of Pollock or JonOne) or the Outrenoirs of Pierre Soulages are made in the manner of the artist, not to the drop of paint or to the line: he does not It is simply not possible to reproduce exactly a painting made of drips or sprayed paint, stabs or solid colors. The artists who created them would also be unable to reproduce the same canvas twice. We are nevertheless committed to getting as close as possible to it. We count on understanding the limits of the feasible on the part of our customers, and we thank you for your common sense. If you want an exact copy, we advise you to buy an original instead, you will be satisfied with it!

4) Very important point : in the event that your wife is a budding artist, acclaimed by the parents of the school's students and recognized throughout the neighborhood, who will take care, afterwards, of having us do endless alterations based on his sagacious eye and his experience... do not order from us; tell her to do the reproduction herself !! You will save money and everyone will save time, while preserving their quality of life. The nerves of our painters thank you.



Terms and Conditions

Paul Œuvre Art Studio is committed to making the canvases you order to the best of its ability, while keeping in mind that we make reproductions in the style of ... Not counterfeit copies. 


Refund conditions for your painting:

Paintings in normal quality are non-refundable. If you desire the perfect painting, order Deluxe online, which includes unlimited revisions and touch-ups.

We will refund your purchase for an order in luxury quality, in the event that you are not satisfied - to a reasonable extent and within 7 days of receipt.

The models which are used for reproduction are those which are on our site, and the only ones which are authentic in the event of disagreement. If you have a different version than the one presented, please submit it to us, otherwise we will consider ours as the only valid one.


In the case of a refund, the return can be made by the sender of your choice, knowing that we cannot accept to recover a damaged painting. Transport and bank transfer costs are non-refundable and we keep 30% of labor and material costs.

Authorization from our company is required before returning a package.


Table damaged during transport:

In the event that the painting is damaged during transport to your address, refuse the package indicating the visible damage, and do not agree to sign the receipt. Once the receipt in due form is signed, the canvas is considered accepted and there is no recourse possible.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during transport. which remain the responsibility of the carrier; you can therefore either refuse the package or contact the transport company (usually Fed-Ex or UPS).


Discounts on our fabrics

Reproductions on canvas that have been the subject of a discount or promotion are not refundable, regardless of the discount or promotion.

We reserve the right to limit the time spent on touching up canvases which have been the subject of a discount, after having nevertheless devoted a reasonable time to it, if necessary.



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