Reproduction painting by Rossetti, The return of Tibullus to Delia

2 choices of transport:

  • Rolled canvas transport : the cheapest, your canvas is sent rolled in a tube and you can have it assembled in your country by a pro, or assemble it yourself.
  • Transport with chassis : Frames from 120 cm are sent disassembled.
    In fact, it costs cheaper to have the canvas mounted at home, see how to mount it yourself with the supplied frame (Mount a canvas on a frame in 5 minutes) than to pay the transport at the full price.
    In addition, large frames are more fragile, so it is the safest option.
    That said, if you really want to receive it assembled, no problem, but the shipment will result in an additional charge.

You can choose the desired option in your shopping cart.

Available sizes and prices

Not workable in normal quality

↓ Museum quality price ↓
Sending prices for rolled or assembled canvas, next page.
Key frame offered in this quality.
100 cm x 83 cm
3ft 1/3 x 2ft 8
€ 946
$ 946
120 cm x 99 cm
3ft 11 x 3ft 2
€ 1353
$ 1353
150 cm x 124 cm
4ft 11 x 4ft 0
€ 2119
$ 2119
200 cm x 166 cm
6ft 3/4 x 5ft 5
€ 3780
$ 3780
250 cm x 207 cm
8ft 1/4 x 6ft 9
€ 5892
$ 5892
300 cm x 248 cm
9ft 10 x 8ft 1
€ 8470
$ 8470

Normal reproductions : Classic paints are no longer offered in normal quality. They require more work than a modern canvas because of the colors, details, textures and characters, more realistic. In order to maintain optimum quality, order higher quality. Thank you.

Museum quality : We double the hours of production and work the reproduction with more material, in order to reproduce Rossetti, The Return of Tibullus to Delia in the smallest details. The perfect option if you are demanding in terms of quality.

Buy a reproduction of Rossetti's painting, The Return of Tibullus to Delia at our workshop

Please consider our workshop for purchasing your reproduction of a Rossetti canvas.

When I speak of classical art, it is in the proper sense of the term, without referring to the Classicism. Classical artists were those like Rossetti for whom art aimed above all at reproducing reality: a street scene, a landscape, a portrait or a still life.

Far from modern artists who transformed our apprehension of reality to transfigure it in the search for a new aesthetic, classical artists were often craftsmen whose works were commissioned, and represented the reality that we discern with the naked eye as in this Rossetti canvas, The return of Tibullus to Delia.

As a result, Rossetti's canvases are full of details, nuances, colors specific to life, which we take care of reproducing as well as possible.

The tools of painting reproduction

We use very good quality material to make your canvas.

  • The painting is French, branded Pebeo, which offers unrivaled pigment quality that will stand the test of time.

  • The canvas is a cotton canvas at 320 Gm / M2 which will not deform once painted, and may possibly be re-tightened using the keys from our chassis.

  • The key frame, if you ordered one, is made locally by our carpenter.

This is all to ensure that your order from Rossetti, The Return of Tibullus to Delia will give you complete satisfaction.

Normal quality and museum quality reproduction

Reproducing a canvas requires both specific know-how, and above all time. The cost of the material finally coming into account less than the time required for quality reproduction.

Hence the additional cost of our museum quality: for this quality we double the working hours, work with more material and take the time to polish the smallest details.

It is important to order in this quality if you are demanding in every detail, and if the canvas you have chosen is complex.

Deadlines for producing your canvas

We reserve about 5 weeks on average to paint a canvas.

We do not store, or very few, canvases, paint on demand and will only start your canvas once you have ordered it, which will allow us to agree on the manufacturing details, in case where you would have special requests for your reproduction of Rossetti, The Return of Tibullus to Delia.

For more information visit our workshop page where we explain how we do your reproduction of painting..

We also do large format reproductions impressive for their quality and size.


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