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Classic painting reproduction by Sieffert Paul Title Unknown 1910

At Paul Oeuvre Art, you will find a reproduction price adapted to your budget

Canvas Print Museum Quality Painted Canvas
50cm x 39 cm (20" x 15")
$ 82   $ 578  
€ 543
60cm x 47 cm (23 ½" x 18")
$ 91   $ 643  
€ 604
80cm x 63 cm (31 ½" x 24")
$ 101   $ 715  
€ 672
100cm x 79 cm (39 ⅓" x 31")
$ 121   $ 799  
€ 751
120cm x 95 cm (47 ¼" x 37")
$ 1062  
€ 998
150cm x 118 cm (59" x 46")
$ 1649  
€ 1550
200cm x 158 cm (78 ¾" x 62")
$ 2943  
€ 2766
250cm x 197 cm (98 ½" x 77")
$ 4588  
€ 4313

The prices in Euros are indicative.

You can also order a superb cotton canvas print of this table, at a more modest price.

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For anything classic painting, I recommend selecting museum quality. Classic master canvases are full of details and nuances, and the superior quality will do them more credit.

Your painting reproduction at Paul's studio

Rolled canvas transport

The cheapest, and the safest: your canvas is sent rolled in a tube and you can have it mounted in your country by a pro, or the ride yourself.

  • No risk during transport
  • Inexpensive shipping costs
  • Need to frame

Transport with chassis

Frames are generously offered with your canvases.

  • Ready to hang on the wall
  • No framing costs
  • More expensive and more fragile transport

(Chassis from 120 cm are sent disassembled)

Museum quality

We take our time to refine your canvas down to the smallest detail. An exceptional result guaranteed.

  • Hand painted picture
  • Oil painting, mark Pebeo
  • Italian cotton canvas
  • Quality frames, with keys or normal.
  • Realization in 3 to 6 weeks
  • Shipping by UPS or Fedex
  • Transport in 5 days

Buy a reproduction of painting by Sieffert Paul Title Unknown 1910 at our workshop

Buy a reproduction of a painting by Sieffert Paul Title Unknown 1910 at our workshop

Buying a canvas from our workshop is above all investing in a quality product..
We are a French workshop, which emphasizes the follow-up of its achievements and work in the smallest details. Our small structure does not allow us to produce a lot, but the realization of all the paintings is scrupulously followed from start to finish.

There are many ways to make reproductions of classic works of art, from printing to forgery copying.

We are involved in reproductions of paintings painted in oil on canvas, by hand, on cotton canvas of very good quality. Our artists are all experienced and supported by a supervisor who checks each canvas in detail.

Painters with 20 years of experience
  • Artists with over 20 years of experience
  • Completely hand painted canvases
  • Oil or acrylic paint

In short: A real work of art.

Order a reproduction of Sieffert Paul Title Unknown 1910 at our workshop means acquiring a copy of a work of art of exceptional quality. The museum quality of our canvases guarantees total fidelity to the original.

Personnalized Customer Care

I personally take care of all customers and answer your questions on simple email or WhatsApp. It's not always super fast, but I'm here to answer your requests.

A nice little paint shop

We are a family company, which takes care of each client individually. Not a big canvas production company.

A workshop on a human scale

We are a few painters who have been collaborating for 20 years, and who have become friends over time.

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