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Basquiat's work blended many different styles and techniques. His paintings often included words and text, his graffiti was expressive and often abstract, and his logos and iconography had deep historical resonance. Despite the "unstudied" appearance of his work, he very skillfully and deliberately brought together a host of disparate traditions, practices and styles to create his iconic visual collage.
Many of his works reflect an opposition or tension between two poles - rich and poor, black and white, inner and outer experience. This tension and contrast reflected his mixed cultural heritage and his experiences growing up and living in New York and America more generally.


Basquiat's work is an example of how American artists of the 1980s began to reintroduce and privilege the human figure in their work after the dominance of minimalism and conceptualism in the international art market. Basquiat and other Neo-Expressionist painters were seen as establishing a dialogue with the more distant tradition of 1950s Abstract Expressionism and the earlier Expressionism of the turn of the century.


Basquiat's work is emblematic of the art world's recognition of punk, graffiti and counter-cultural practice that took place in the early 1980s. Understanding this context and the interrelation of forms, movements and scenes in the readjustment of the art world is essential to understanding the cultural environment in which Basquiat worked. Subcultural scenes, which were previously seen as opposed to the conventional art market, have been transformed by the critical embrace and popular celebration of their artists.


For some critics, Basquiat's rapid rise to fame and equally rapid and tragic death by drug overdose embody and personify the overtly commercial and hyped international art scene of the mid-1980s. For many observers, this period was a cultural phenomenon that corresponded negatively to the largely artificial economic bubble of the time, to the detriment of the artists themselves and the quality of the works produced.


The style of JM Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat went from downtown punk scene graffiti artist to famous art star in just a few short years of his career. This dizzying rise took him from sleeping on the streets of New York to befriending Andy Warhol and entering the elite American art world as one of the world's most celebrated painters. neo-expressionist artistic movement. While Basquiat died aged just 27 from a heroin overdose, he is now indelibly associated with the resurgence of interest in downtown New York artists in the 1980s.


His work explored his mixed African, Latino and American heritage through a visual vocabulary of personally resonant signs, symbols and figures, and his art quickly grew in scale, scope and ambition as he moved from the street to the gallery. Much of his work referenced the distinction between wealth and poverty and reflected his unique position as a working-class person of color in the world of celebrity art. In the years since his death, the attention paid to (and the value of) his work has steadily increased, with one chart even setting a new record in 2017 for the highest price paid for the work of an American artist at auction.

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