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Tanguy's symbolism is personal, reflecting his obsession with childhood memories, dreams, hallucinations and psychotic episodes. It defies explicit interpretation and evokes a range of associations that engage the viewer's imagination and emotions.


Tanguy's landscapes strike a balance between realism and fantasy. Naturalistically depicted objects hover in the air or drift skyward. Masterful manipulations of scale and perspective, and sharp observations of the natural world, contribute to the hallucinatory effect of his scenes. His bizarre rock formations were likely inspired by the terrain of Brittany, where his mother lived.


Like other surrealists, Tanguy is preoccupied with dreams and the unconscious. What set him apart was the naturalistic precision with which he described the mind and its content. This was his main contribution. More vividly than any artist before him, Tanguy imagined and represented the unconscious as a place.


Tanguy's style

Yves Tanguy was in many ways the surrealist par excellence. Sociable eccentric who ate spiders as a trick and close friend ofAndré Breton, Tanguy was best known for his misshapen rocks and molten surfaces that gave definition to the surreal aesthetic. Self-taught, but extremely gifted, Tanguy painted a hyper-real world with extreme precision. His landscapes, an explosive mix of fact and fiction, caught the attention of important artists and thinkers, from Salvador Dalí to Mark Rothko, who acknowledged their debt to the older artist. And even Carl Gustav Jung used a painting by Tanguy to illustrate his theory of the collective unconscious.

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