Hand-painted reproduction of Kandinsky's paintings

Buy superb reproductions of Vasilly Kandinsky's paintings, in all respects similar to the master's works. Choose from dozens of canvases.

Buy a hand-painted reproduction of a Vasilly Kandinsky painting

Our reproductions of Vasilly Kandinsky's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

We pay special attention to our fabrics to ensure an exceptional rendering. Our superb copies of Vasilly Kandinsky paintings are of the best quality, and will become works of art that you will keep for a lifetime.

Make an oil on canvas reproduction of Kandinsky's paintings

Making reproductions of Kandinsky's Pictures seems easy at first, but it is not. His geometric works require great precision and require to copy the curves and lines of the brush exactly. An angle which is not the right one, a circle which is not quite round, can in itself spoil the whole reproduction; everything is a challenge, and every detail counts.

Colors are not to be outdone, and Kandinsky's most complicated paintings contain hundreds of them. Our seasoned artists know how to reproduce them wonderfully, and take the time necessary to find the exact intensity of the original colors, using high quality pigments for this.

Some Kandinsky canvases are painted on a relief background, for example, “Jaune, Rouge, Bleu” and “Délicate tension”. We prepare a special background for these canvases, which reproduces the relief of the canvas, in the manner in which it was made by Vassily Kandinsky, which gives a very nice grainy effect.

Kandinsky's style

One of the pioneers of modern abstract art, Wassily Kandinsky exploits the evocative interrelationship between colors and shapes to create an aesthetic experience that engages the viewer's sight, hearing and emotions.

He firmly believed that abstraction offers the possibility of deep transcendental expression, and that simply copying nature only interferes with this process. Aspiring to create an art which would communicate a universal sense of spirituality, he innovated by a pictorial language which only very vaguely refers to the outside world, but is expressed by volumes coming from the interior experience of the artist. His visual vocabulary developed in three phases, moving from his representational canvases of youth and their divine symbolism, to his enthusiastic and operatic compositions, to finish with his works of maturity, geometric and biomorphic flat color surfaces.

  • Painting was above all deeply spiritual for Kandinsky. He wanted to convert the spirituality and depth of Human emotions into an abstract language of shapes and colors that transcended cultural and physical boundaries.
  • Kandinsky considered non-objective painting, Abstract Art, as the ideal visual mode for expressing the artist's "inner necessity" and for converting emotions and ideas. He saw himself as a prophet whose mission was to share this ideal with the whole world, in order to improve society.
  • Kandinsky considered music the most transcendent non-objective art form - musicians conjure up images in the minds of people who listen to it with simple sounds. He strove to reproduce similar, objectless, spiritually rich paintings that hint at sounds and emotions in sensual unity.

Our philosophy consists of a strict follow-up of the realization of your canvas to guarantee you total satisfaction. Our goal is to develop and retain our customers through trust in our know-how and a quality of service that is second to none.

We can send your reproduction of Vasilly Kandinsky anywhere in the world, on a roll, or mounted on a frame, at cost of transport.

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Some paintings by Vasilly Kandinsky

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