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Seeking subjectively more gripping effects, he ignored and even blasted the precise rendering in detail and static scenes that previous generation masters and his peers still sought out. Instead, he developed painterly effects to bring a perception of nature to life on canvas, resulting in swirling clouds of varied light and bold color ranges stamped in oil. Many of these painting techniques, which he used to evoke the sensations of the "Sublime" will become the substance and the subject of the generation of painters claiming to be abstract expressionism.


The subjects chosen for many of his paintings emphasized the power of nature in a way that had never been depicted before - making the human figure and all that civilization had built appear tiny and fragile in comparison.


Turner helped establish landscape painting - and in particular its water-based corollary, seascapes - as an artistic genre, due to which she gained more respect and enthusiasm for what existed before or during its time.


Turner also incorporated new motifs from the modern industrial age into his paintings - steamboats and railroad trains feature prominently - foreshadowing a recurring fascination with these elements of modern life that will feature in future generations. visual artists - futurists, muralists such as Diego Rivera and contemporary artists like Matthew Barney.


JMW Turner's style

Turner worked with classical genres and scenes - the majestic landscape, in well-crafted compositions and wider historical events - and breathed new life into them in painting.

He will reflect on the growing importance of individual experience in the Age of Enlightenment, where the perceptions of human beings led to exalted personal moments and sublime interactions with nature.

Through this dedication to rendering states of consciousness and being elevated, he helped define the interdisciplinary artistic movement of Romanticism, paving the way for further developments in painting of subjective experiences that will lead to impressionism. In some of his later works in particular, Turner responded to the arrival of the modern era by making the devices of human invention powerful, sometimes even threatening.

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