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Hand-painted reproduction of Pissarro's paintings

Buy superb reproductions of Camille Pissarro's paintings, in all respects similar to the master's works. Choose from dozens of canvases.

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Our reproductions of Camille Pissarro's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

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Make an oil on canvas reproduction in the style of Camille Pissarro

Pissarro's career has been a long and arduous search for the perfect method to express oneself and express his ideas. From his first drawings in St-Thomas to his death in 1903, Pissarro's style and method have always been in constant evolution. Although he was the oldest of the Impressionists, Pissarro never ceased to assimilate the work of others in an artistic evolution unprecedented in his contemporaries.


Pissarro's talent clearly lay in his realistic side regarding nature and agriculture, and in his landscapes containing figures - what one reviewer called humanist landscape - and not in social realism, although both may have been able to combine successfully in "Le pont de chemin de fer a Pontoise" from 1860. It could however be stilted and sentimental as in "Promenade à l'âne à la Roche-Guyon".


The result in artistic terms of Pissarro's exile in London was a freer manipulation of brighter pigments, using the gently applied spots of color that Monet had developed since La Grenouillère and which he now used to great effect in his views. on the Thames. Solidity and consonance of composition characterize his work in relation to Monet's search for the “fleeting effects” of light and water.


At the end of his life, Pissarro's interest in the human figure, especially the peasant women who were so much a part of the landscape, and who had come to dominate his work as a fundamental expression of his humanism, did not dissipate. little. The network of comma-like brushstrokes that had now become his trademark seemed to have reached its logical conclusion and he was looking for a new way to paint.


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