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Hand-painted reproduction of Paul Klee's paintings

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Our reproductions of Paul Klee's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

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Klee's life began and ended in Switzerland, but he spent most of his time working in Germany. There he came into contact with many leading modern artists of his generation, whose creative ideas forever changed art and design.

In his painting and graphic art, Klee developed an extraordinary range of techniques and styles. These can be attributed to his many interests. He wrote poems when he was young and was inspired by them years later for his paintings. He was interested in theater and seriously considered music as a career. His paintings have often been compared to music. Some, like the portraits, have a theatrical quality; in others, the objects resemble the floating notes of a score. Even when he finally chose pictorial art as his career, Klee continued to write extensively. He has always been a deep thinker as much as a painter. His many works were part of an attempt to discover what he called " the reality behind the visible things ».


His early works were generally small in size, but they grew larger in the years that followed. He displayed a wide variety of colors in his palette - from primary colors to monochrome, there was a childish side to his work. He created a whole host of new worlds, usually happy and upbeat, with glittering fish, mysterious plants and dancing match figures. The titles of his works often allude to his love of music and his desire to make his paintings “sing” through the use of color and line. His painting The Twittering Machine (1922) shows four small matches, resembling birds, fishermen perched on a handle, which seems to need to be turned to make them sing.


The paintings of his mature years are not only larger, but also more daring. They have black borders and the paint is thicker. Many of these paintings reflect death and the Nazi regime, but they also have great vitality and energy. Revolution of the Viaduct (1937) is perhaps one of his most famous works; he was inspired by the commotion around him. The arches, as they seem to walk towards the observer, can be seen as a challenge to Nazism, they trample something, perhaps the repressive regime.


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