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A religious and traditional thinker, Rockwell was above all a patriot. He offered a sympathetic and optimistic view of the average American, and more than any other artist in its history, he captured the daily customs and rituals of traditional American family life.

Although "dismissed" by some as an illustrator, Rockwell always executed his scenes with humor and respect for his subjects, and with an attention to detail that, in his words, made the viewer "want to sigh and to smile at the same time. Painting at a time when abstract art was coming to the fore, Rockwell remained convinced that his positive, unambiguous images prevailed over the self-indulgences of abstract experimentation.


The champion of abstract expressionism, Clement Greenberg, was one of those who condemned Rockwell's work for being sentimental and commercial and he criticized the artist for "choosing not to be serious". But Rockwell was deeply serious about his art. Her position was perhaps best summed up by her own granddaughter, Abigail Rockwell, when she wrote: "Some say life will never be as perfect as life in a Norman Rockwell painting. But work of my grandfather isn't about an unattainable ideal. Pop's job is to believe in the goodness of people. It's about finding that goodness in ourselves and in others and in the moments we spend with each other. with the others."


Although Rockwell maintained that he always "wanted to entertain", his paintings towards the end of his career often promoted "causes" such as free speech and the civil rights movement. Even his most overtly sentimental paintings began to point to changing class and gender roles, as he remained a strong advocate of democratic values ​​and acceptance of all races and religions throughout. his adult life.


In the same way that, for example, Vermeer and Caravaggio used the camera obscura as an aid to the production of their compositions, Rockwell would use photography to capture an image of his models. Although they were almost always friends or acquaintances, Rockwell rotated a small team of photographers who would record, under his direction, scenes that the painter himself composed. Much to the chagrin of purists who believed that art should always be produced "freehand", Rockwell, using a projector, traced and sketched the images on his canvas before composing his intricate narrative paintings.


Norman Rockwell's Style

Rockwell presented the world with the definitive image of what it meant to be "a real American". He is remembered primarily for his 47-year association with the weekly The Saturday Evening Post, for which he painted over 320 cover images, and his long-standing relationship with the Boy Scouts of America, for which he will provide artwork for the annual calendar for most of the years he remains active. His preoccupation with the details of everyday life, the disparity of the American family, not to mention his vital contribution to the World War II propaganda effort, earned him iconic status in the United States.


Preferring to be considered a genre painter (rather than an illustrator), he is perhaps best known for a particular type of painting rather than specific works and, much like Edward Hopper, his vision of small-town America seeped into the collective consciousness of the nation. Although his unabashed patriotism and painterly style made him an easy target for avant-gardes and leftist intellectuals, his later work revealed the influence of social realism and many of his mature pieces, particularly those that he produced for Look magazine, took a rather socio-political turn. History rightly tends to be very grateful for Rockwell's contribution to the pictorial arts in America, and his nostalgic images continue to adorn calendars, postcards, posters, and other artistic mediums.

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