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A theorist and writer, Mondrian believed that art reflected the underlying spirituality of nature. He simplified the subjects of his paintings down to the most basic elements, in order to reveal the essence of mystical energy in the balance of forces that governed nature and the universe.

Mondrian chose to distill his representations of the world into their basic vertical and horizontal elements, which represented the two essential opposing forces: the positive and the negative, the dynamic and the static, the masculine and the feminine. The dynamic balance of his compositions reflects what he saw as the universal balance of these forces.

Mondrian's singular vision for modern art is clearly demonstrated in the methodical progression of his artistic style from traditional representation to complete abstraction. His paintings evolve logically and clearly convey the influence of various modern art movements such as the luminism, Impressionism and, above all, Cubism.

Mondrian and the artists of From Stijl advocate pure abstraction and a refined palette to express a utopian ideal of universal harmony in all the arts. By using basic shapes and colors, Mondrian believed his vision of modern art would transcend the divisions of culture and become a new common language based on pure primary colors, flatness of form and dynamic tension in his canvases. .

Mondrian's development of neoplasticism became one of the key documents of abstract art. In the movement, he detailed his vision of artistic expression in which "plasticism" referred to the action of shapes and colors on the surface of the canvas as a new method of representing modern reality.


Mondrian's Style

Piet Mondrian, one of the founders of the Dutch modern movement De Stijl, is recognized for the purity of his abstractions and the methodical practice by which he achieved them. He radically simplified the elements of his paintings to reflect what he saw as the spiritual order underlying the visible world, creating a clear and universal aesthetic language in his canvases.

In his best-known paintings of the 1920s, Mondrian reduced his forms to lines and rectangles, and his palette to fundamental foundations pushing past references to the outside world toward pure abstraction. His use of asymmetrical balance and a simplified pictorial vocabulary was crucial in the development of modern art, and his iconic abstract works remain influential in design and familiar in popular culture to this day.

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