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Hand-painted reproduction of Mark Rothko's paintings

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Hand-painted reproduction of Mark Rothko's paintings

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Make an oil on canvas reproduction of Mark Rothko's paintings

Rothko's art was deeply emotional and influenced by Nietzsche, Greek mythology and his Russian Jewish background. He showed this through a range of styles from Realism to abstract art.

Rothko's first paintings were of people and places. He painted landscapes, still lifes, figure studies and portraits, which showed he could mix theexpressionism and Surrealism. His search for new ways to express himself led him to create paintings ColorField (Colored Fields) which used shimmering colors to convey a sense of spirituality.

Rothko never gave up the socially revolutionary ideas he had in his youth. In particular, he defended the right of every artist to express themselves freely, rather than, as he thought, being limited by the art market. This belief put him at odds with many in the art world, which led him to publicly respond to criticism and sometimes turn down commissions, sales, and shows.


Mark Rothko's Style

Mark Rothko was a well-known member of the New York School of Painters. He dabbled in many styles of art, until he found his style characterized by soft, rectangular shapes, floating over a blotchy field of color, in the 1950s. He was heavily influenced by mythology and philosophy, and he insisted that his art was teeming with ideas and content. Rothko was a strong supporter of revolutionary ideas and the right to express oneself. He also wrote many essays and reviews in which he explained his ideas.

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