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Hand-made reproduction of Fontana's paintings

Buy superb reproductions of Lucio Fontana's paintings, in all respects similar to the master's works. Choose from dozens of canvases.

Buy a hand-painted reproduction of a painting by Lucio Fontana

Our reproductions of Lucio Fontana's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

We pay special attention to our fabrics to ensure an exceptional rendering. Our stunning copies of Lucio Fontana paintings are of the finest quality, and will become works of art that you will keep for a lifetime.

Make a reproduction of a painting by Lucio Fontana

On the border between painting and sculpture, Lucio Fontana's canvases are one of a kind.

Artist Lucio Fontana's career spans some of the most tumultuous decades of the 20th century, from the events leading up to World War I to the aftermath of WWII and the onset of the Cold War.

Trained initially as a sculptor, Fontana rejects the traditional constraints of particular artistic materials and techniques, choosing instead to invent his own media and methods in response to the rapidly changing world in which he lives. Fontana reinterpreted the physical and theoretical limits of art by considering works of art as spatial concepts, through surprising gestures, creating holes and cuts in the canvases to reveal invisible spatial regions. Fontana embraced paradoxes, destroying physical and intellectual traditions in order to create new dimensions for works of art.


Fontana's style

In the aftermath of World War II, Fontana joined with other artists to determine a new art form based on the rapid technological and scientific advances of their time. Establishing a new movement called Spaceism, Fontana believed in an art that would accurately reflect and respond to the experiences of space and time by unifying them in new ways. To this end, Fontana broke with traditional forms of painting and sculpture, instead creating what he called "spazial concetti"(spatial concepts) which transformed objects into three-dimensional spaces and mundane spaces into experimental environments.

Fontana is known for creating deliberate openings in canvases, allowing the artwork to not only rest on the surface of the medium, but also to encompass the hidden spaces between and behind the traditional surface image. He created holes, called holes, and cuts, called cuts, which pierce the materials of the canvas and expose the space behind it. These holes and cuts give the opportunity to the invisible parts of the work to manifest and have meaning.

In addition to the works that puncture and cut his canvases, Fontana was also interested in constructing layers on top of canvases to increase awareness of the larger spaces of the artwork.

Small pieces of glass and stone were applied to the surface of the canvases, inviting the natural effects of light reflection and refraction as equal actors influencing the viewer's perception of the image. Thus expanding the flat canvas, Fontana drew attention to the concept of the void, asking viewers to consider the unmapped parts of the universe and the uncertain quality of the future.

Simultaneously, the pieces of glass and stone show how we fill such voids, through physical objects that we create as well as the natural phenomena of our environment.



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