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Constantine Korovin had three teachers who had a profound influence on him. The first was Vasily Perov, who was famous for his highly technical achievements in the field of portraiture.

The second was Alexi savrasov, who has had a troubled career with the highest highs and the lowest lows. A painting loved by many Russians, and probably one of Savrasov's most famous, is "The Rooks Have Come Back". If you study Savrasov's mature work, you will see major influences on Korovin's early work, especially in color palette and composition.

The last, and not the least, third teacher from Korovin was called Vasily Polenov.

Polenov graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy with what is called a "high level diploma", which means that he had won all the prizes there was to be won.

When Korovin started attending his classes, Polenov had just returned from Paris, reporting from new techniques of impressionist painters in Russia. Apparently he was a beloved teacher and became very good friends with Korovin. Polenov had a country house on the outskirts of Moscow where Korovin was often a guest and where Polenov and Korovin painted together outdoors. Quite quickly, Korovin became Polenov's teacher because of his extraordinary perception of colors.

Korovin was considered to be the first russian impressionist because of one of his first paintings " Portrait of an altar girl Which he probably realized while studying with Polenov.


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