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While Picasso and Braque delighted in destroying the conventions of painting, Gris's main goal was to please the eyes. As the artist himself says, “I prefer the emotion that corrects the rule”. Despite his radical treatment of pictorial space, his well-balanced compositions, saturated colors, and traditional subjects popularized the avant-garde movement.


Like Picasso and Braque, he incorporates newsprint and advertisements into his work. While they tended to cut these items to pieces, however, he left more of the original pieces of advertisements and newsprint intact, as if to preserve the integrity of the originals. By elevating popular culture into the realm of high art, he is an important precursor of Dada and Pop artists, including Marcel Duchamp, Stuart Davis and Andy Warhol.


He is one of the visionaries (poets, choreographers, musicians and visual artists) who have built paths between the arts. His costumes for the Ballets Russes testify to his commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration, an idea that is gaining momentum and becoming central in contemporary art.


Juan Gris's style

One of the favorite artists of G and the only Cubist talented enough to make Picasso uncomfortable, Juan Gris leaned on the foundations of early Cubism and steered the movement in new directions. A member of the tight-knit circle of avant-garde artists working in Paris, Gris adopted the radically fragmented pictorial spaces of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, giving his works a bold graphic aesthetic. Gris's paintings stood out immediately from theirs, illuminated by his background as an illustrator, with a smooth, almost commercial appearance and crisp design elements throughout.

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