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Sargent's distinct method of bringing out the characteristics of his sitters while capturing their distinct personalities, aspirations, and inclinations differentiated his work within the genre of portraiture from artists who preceded him.

There were many patrons who, upon seeing the final results, complained or outright refused to accept his work. His infamous portrayal of Madame X, for example, emphasizing the notorious behavior of the sitter, met with much criticism from Virginie Gautreau itself and the general public of the annual Salon.


Sargent took the best of the formal development of the composition, absorbed in his study of the Old Masters, including Anthony Van Dyck and Diego Velazquez, and updated it with a pseudo-impressionistic style learned from an anti-academic instructor. The result is a more dynamic type of portraiture, albeit elevated by its grounding in the best of tradition.


His works of sensual male nudes, carefully concealed by the artist so as not to jeopardize his successful position as a society painter, indicate a depth of investigation hitherto unknown in Sargent's work. There is a lot of speculation regarding the artist's sexual inclinations.


Sargent's Style

John Singer Sargent was the leading portrait painter of his generation, well known for his depictions of high society figures in Paris, London and New York. He updated a centuries-old tradition using vibrant impressionistic brushstrokes and non-traditional compositional solutions in order to capture the character and even the reputation of his sitters. Sargent's activities were not limited to portraiture and also included impressionist landscapes, executed en plein air alongside his friend Claude Monet.

He also painted official murals commissioned by government officials in the United States and the United Kingdom as well as a number of sketches of nudes probably intended for personal works.

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