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Inspired by the gestural painting of Willem de Kooning et Franz kline, Joan Mitchell's mature work included a very abstract, richly colored calligraphic manner, which balanced elements of structured composition with a vibe of wild improvisation.
Mitchell rejected the emphasis on flatness and the "all-over" approach composition which prevailed among many of the leading Abstract Expressionists. Instead, she preferred to retain a more traditional sense of figure and substance in her images, and she often composed them in ways that evoke impressions of the landscape.
Mitchell's abrasive personality has been a key factor in interpretations of his painting, which critics often read as expressions of rage and violence. Yet almost as often they saw the lyricism in his work.


Mitchell's style

Joan Mitchell is known for her compositional rhythms, daring coloring and the gestural brushstrokes of her large, often multi-panel paintings. Inspired by landscape, nature and poetry, her intention was not to create a recognizable image, but to convey emotions. Mitchell's early successes in the 1950s were striking at a time when few women artists were recognized. She considered herself the "last abstract expressionist" and continued to create abstract paintings until her death in 1992.

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