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Yerka begins by studying art at university, but then he directly studies the masters of Northern Europe, Jan van EyckDirk boutsRobert CampinHieronymus Bosch, And surreal as Magritte.

He made his first painting a year before entering college, when he began to study graphic arts. His teachers try to get him to paint in the abstract style the most contemporary and to move away from its fascination for the realism. He views this as an attempt to stifle his own creative style and stubbornly refuses to toe the line. Eventually, his teachers give in.

His paintings areacrylic on canvas and carefully detailed, using images from his childhood, including his grandmother's kitchen. It also incorporates strange animals and fantastic landscapes. He said :

"For me, the 1950s are a kind of Golden Age... If I were, for example, to paint a computer, it would, without a doubt, have a pre-war aesthetic. »

Yerka's works have been exhibited in Warsaw, Dusseldorf, Los Angeles, Paris and London. His works can also be found in Polish art museums.

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