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Hand-painted reproduction of Franz Marc's paintings

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Buy a hand-painted reproduction of a painting by Franz Marc

Our reproductions of Franz Marc's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

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Make an oil on canvas reproduction of Franz Marc's paintings

Marc saw the natural world as an antidote to modern life, from which he felt increasingly alienated. Nature and animals were more than a simple pleasure to him; they were spiritual and a way to reconnect with what had been lost in modern times. Because of this, his animal paintings are imbued with an almost meditative reverence.

Color was extremely important to Marc. Not only did he understand the potential of color to affect mood, he developed a specific theory of color symbolism. His analysis of color associated blue with the masculine, yellow with the feminine, and red with the physical world - often violent.

Marc's work embodies the heightened anxieties of early XNUMXth-century Europe, in which people struggled with a rapidly changing urban world on the brink of war.


The style of Franz Marc

Although his career was interrupted by his untimely death, Franz Marc had a huge impact on the various expressionist movements that would evolve after WWI.

After his first experiences with naturalism and realism, Marc later avoided them in favor of the greater symbolic potential of abstraction. He is best known for his images of brightly colored animals, especially horses, which he used to convey profound messages about humanity, the natural world, and their destinies.

In association with the Russian painter and theorist Wassily Kandinsky, Marc founds the group Der blaue reiter, which emphasizes the use of abstract shapes and bright colors. Their goal was to use form and symbolism as tools to overcome what they saw as the toxic state of the modern world. As World War I approaches, the tension in Marc's paintings becomes particularly sharp, as if he anticipates both his own destiny and that of Europe as a whole.


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