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Leger kissed the cubist concept of fracturing of objects in geometric shapes, but retained an interest in depicting the illusion of three-dimensionality. Léger's unique mark of cubism was also distinguished by its emphasis on the cylindrical shape and its use of robot-like human figures that expressed the harmony between humans and machines.

Influenced by the chaos of urban spaces and his interest in brilliant primary colors, Léger sought to express the noise, dynamism and speed of new technologies and machines, often creating a sense of movement in his paintings that captured the optimism of the period before the first war.
In his approach to recognizable subjects and the illusion of a three-dimensionality interspersed with or often simultaneous with experiences of abstraction and non-representation, Léger's work synchronizes often competing dualities in much of 20th century art. .


Fernand Léger's style

Although he built a reputation as a Cubist, his style varied considerably from decade to decade, oscillating between figuration and abstraction, and making evident the influence of a wide range of sources.

Léger worked in a wide variety of media, including painting, ceramics, film, stage and dance sets, glass, printmaking, and the book arts. Although his style varied, his work was always graphic, favoring primary colors, patterns and bold shapes.

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Some paintings by Fernand Léger

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