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Hand-painted reproduction of Feininger's paintings

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Feininger was one of only two American artists to actively participate in the development of Expressionism within the German avant-garde (the other was Marsden hartley).

His links with artistic centers across Europe and America have made him an important vehicle for the exchange of transatlantic ideas. His paintings combined the facets and multiple perspectives of Cubism with the color and brush of the Expressionists, to create an influential hybrid of Cubism-Expressionism.


First instructor hired at Bauhaus, Feininger provided a constant presence at the school until it was closed by the Nazis in 1933. His insistence on building a community of artists and his belief in the revolutionary possibilities of artistic creation provided an important model for other teachers and their students (including his own children).

When he left Germany in 1937 he brought the innovative Bauhaus pedagogy to America and, along with other Bauhaus instructors who settled in the United States, he helped revolutionize art education in the United States. countries to include more experimentation and less reliance on the study of traditional or canonical art.


Feininger's style

Leader of the Cubo-Expressionist movement and founding member of the Bauhaus Experimental School, Lyonel Feininger adopted abstraction as a means of conveying a new vision and utopian aspirations.

Although his first successes were as a cartoonist for popular newspapers, such as "Kin-der-Kids" and "Wee Willie Winkie's World" for the Chicago Sunday Tribune, when he decided to pursue a career in the fine arts, he was enthusiastically received by several German expressionist groups, including Die Brucke and Der Blaue Reiter.

Later, he was the first faculty member to be recruited by Walter Gropius for the new Bauhaus school where he ran the printmaking workshop.

When his work was exhibited in the Degenerate Art Show of 1937, he became a target for artistic censorship and surveillance; he therefore returned to America with his family where he continued to produce his art and teach.

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