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For Vuillard, reluctant by nature, the subject of the interior serves as a symbol of the inner self, separated from the rest of the world. This is one aspect of a modernist idea - the notion that one's personal view, a subjective view of reality, can have a glimpse of truth.

As a Symbolist painter and part of the fin-de-siècle escapism in aesthetics, Vuillard used flat patterns into which his figures were embedded in order to express both emotion and ideas. This type of abstract painting evolved to communicate ideas not expressible through traditional pictorial means. The color and shape could represent experiences that are difficult to express in words.


even though symbolists were, in general, anti-utilitarian (and rather art for art's sake), Vuillard created screens and large-scale murals that were of architectural design (and part of the " applied Arts "). These large-scale works - intended for interior decoration - linked him to the research of other modernists of "the total work of art" (the Gesamtkunstwerk) that would help unify society, but updated it to work in contemporary interior spaces.


Vuillard's style

Édouard Vuillard was a member of the symbolist group known as The Nabis (from the Hebrew and Arabic term for "prophets" and, by extension, the artist as a "seer" who reveals the unseen).

However, he was less drawn to the mystical aspects of the group and more drawn to the fashionable private venues where philosophical discussions of poetry, music, theater and the occult took place. Because of his preference for painting interiors and domestic scenes, he is often described as "intimate", alongside his friend Pierre Bonnard. He executed some of these "intimate" works on a small scale, while others were designed on a much larger scale for the interiors of the people who commissioned the work.

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