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Warhol's early commercial illustrations have recently been hailed as the arena in which he first learned to manipulate popular tastes. His drawings were often comic, decorative and whimsical, and their tone is quite different from the cold, impersonal mood of his Pop art.


Much debate still surrounds the iconic screen-printed images with which Warhol established his reputation as a pop artist in the early 1960s. Some regard his Death and Disaster series and photos of Marilyn as candid expressions of his grief at public events. . Others see them as one of the earliest expressions of “compassion fatigue” – the way audiences lose the ability to sympathize with events from which they feel distant. Still others think his images are screens – placed between us and horrific events – that attempt to register and process the shock.


Although artists drew on popular culture throughout the 1960th century, Pop art marked another important step in the break between higher and lower art forms. Warhol's paintings of the early XNUMXs played a crucial role in these developments, but arguably the various activities of his later years were equally influential in extending the implications of Pop art to other spheres and further eroding the boundaries between the worlds of high art and popular culture.

Although Warhol continued to create paintings intermittently throughout his career, in 1965 he "retired" from the medium to concentrate on making experimental films. Despite years of neglect, these films have recently attracted widespread interest and Warhol is now considered one of the most important filmmakers of the time, an ancestor of independent cinema.


Critics have traditionally viewed Warhol's career as waning in 1968, after he was shot by Valerie solanas. Valuing his early paintings above all else, they ignored the activities that absorbed his attention in later years – parties, collecting, publishing, and commissioned portrait painting. Yet some have begun to believe that all of these endeavors constitute Warhol's most important legacy, as they foreshadow the diverse interests, activities, and interventions that occupy artists today.


Warhol's Style

Andy Warhol was New York's most successful and highest paid commercial illustrator before he even started making art for galleries. Nevertheless, his screen-printed images of Marilyn Monroe, his soup cans and his sensational newspaper articles quickly became synonymous with Pop Art. He rose from the poverty and obscurity of an Eastern European immigrant family in Pittsburgh, to become a charismatic magnet for New York bohemianism and to eventually find a place in the circles of the high society. For many, his rise echoes one of the ambitions of Pop art, to bring popular styles and subjects into the exclusive salons of high art. His crowning achievement was the elevation of his own personality to the level of a popular icon, representing a new kind of fame and stardom for a good entertainer.

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