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Anders Zorn was a Swedish painter known for his depictions of nude bathers, village feasts and portraits. Using a restrained color palette, Zorn was able to capture various qualities of light and form with loose brushstrokes akin to those of John Singer Sargent.

Born February 18, 1860 in Mora, Sweden, he was admitted to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm at the age of 15. Working primarily in watercolor and printmaking until 1887, Zorn developed a confident approach to color and tone that would influence his oil paintings. Over the following decades, the artist would gain international acclaim for his skillfully executed portraits and become known for his ability to capture the individual characteristics of his subjects.

He notably painted the portraits of three American presidents, William Taft, Grover Cleveland and Theodore Roosevelt.

Zorn spent much of the later part of his career living in his hometown, painting rustic scenes of villagers. The artist died on August 22, 1920 in Mora, Sweden.

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