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A central player in the School of Paris, Modigliani modernized two of the most enduring themes in the history of art: the portrait and the nude.

Characterized by a sense of melancholy, elongated proportions and mask-like faces influenced by sources such as Constantin Brancusi and African art, Modigliani's portraits are both specific and highly stylized, each uniquely revealing the inner life of its sitter, while being unmistakably "Modiglianized", in the words of one critic.

Modigliani's nudes outraged audiences with their depiction of traits such as pubic hair and their outspoken, unadorned sexuality.

The subject of three biographical films, Modigliani's legacy is inextricably linked to his tragic, bohemian life: his fragile health, which plagued him since childhood; his perpetual poverty; and - most famously - his exaggerated and self-destructive lifestyle, which included sexual debauchery and drug and alcohol abuse. (I can't hold it against him, though! ha ha)


Modigliani's style

Modigliani overturns the tradition of the nude. Modern in their candid sensuality, his nude works are noticeably devoid of the modesty and mythological subtext present in many earlier depictions of nude figures. Because of these qualities – as well as the artist's notorious feminization – Modigliani's nudes caused a scandal at the time.


Modigliani's portrait achieves a unique combination of specificity and generalization. His portraits convey the personality of his subjects, while his characteristic stylization and use of recurring motifs – long necks and almond-shaped eyes – give them a uniformity. The portrait of Modigliani also serves are also essential to the history of art, and include a gallery of major figures from the circle of the School of Paris, to which he belonged after his move to Paris in 1906.


Perhaps the most significant influence on Modigliani's creative development was the work of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi. Although Modigliani is best known as a painter, he focused on sculpture early in his career and, according to some writers, probably considered his true calling to be that of a sculptor. Of the sculptures that Modigliani created in 1909-14, twenty-five sculptures and one woodcut survive, and they had a great influence on his work as a painter, helping him to arrive at the abstract and linear vocabulary of his painting.

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