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Reproduction of Rousseau's paintings painted by hand

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Our reproductions of Henri Rousseau's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

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Make an oil reproduction on canvas of Rousseau's paintings

Although he had the ambition to become a famous academic painter, Rousseau rather became the opposite: a "naive" artist par excellence. Largely self-taught, Rousseau developed a style that highlighted his lack of academic training, with its lack of correct proportions, one-point perspective, and use of bright, often unnatural colors. Such characteristics resulted in a body of work imbued with a sense of mystery and eccentricity.


The uneducated and idiosyncratic character of Rousseau's art was derided by the first audience of his work, a Parisian journalist memorably writing that "Monsieur Rousseau paints with his feet, eyes closed". Yet this quality resonated with modern artists like Picasso, who saw in Rousseau's work a model of the sincerity and directness they aspired to in their own work, drawing inspiration from African tribal masks and other "primitive" and traditional art forms.


Influenced by a combination of "high" and "low" sources—academic sculpture, postcards, tabloid illustrations, and trips to the zoo and public gardens of Paris—Rousseau created modern and unconventional renderings of traditional genres such as landscape , the portrait and the allegory. The fantastical, often outrageous imagery that resulted from these hybrid influences – the best known being a nude woman reclining on a divan mysteriously located in a tropical jungle – was celebrated by the Surrealists, whose art valued startling juxtapositions and moods. dreamlike characteristics of Rousseau's work.


The style of Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau became a full-time artist at the age of forty-nine, after retiring from his post at the customs office in Paris — a job that earned him his famous nickname, "Le Douanier Rousseau", "the toll collector". Although an admirer of artists such as William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Jean-Léon Gérôme, the autodidact Rousseau became the archetype of the naive artist. His amateurish technique and unusual compositions provoked the derision of contemporary critics, while earning the respect and admiration of modern artists like Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky for revealing "the new possibilities of simplicity".

Rousseau's best-known works are lush jungle scenes, inspired not by first-hand experiences of such places (the artist reportedly never left France), but by frequent trips to the gardens and zoo of Paris.

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