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To account for powerful and subjective feelings required a different form of expression than that of naturalism. It is in his quest to express "the most subtle states of mind" that Munch developed his characteristic language. In Munch's art, interior and exterior realities merge into large surfaces delimited by precise contours. The motifs are stylized and reduced to abstract symbols of different feelings and moods. Munch gradually created a set of pictorial symbols that he used to represent feelings and moods. Colors also often play an important symbolic role in Munch's art.


Edvard Munch's style

Munch is readily classified by art historians as symbolist and as an early representative of expressionism, an essential artistic movement of the first half of the 20th century. Already in the 1880s, when he was only a young artist, Munch translated his emotions into his art. In this he represented a break with the naturalism of the time and his preference for external and objective aspects. He anticipated the turning point that would occur in the 1890s, in favor of the psychological and the subjective. Existential themes like anguish, death, love, jealousy and melancholy take the first place in his work.

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