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Hand-painted reproduction of Delaunay's paintings

Buy superb reproductions of Robert Delaunay's paintings, in all respects similar to the master's works. Choose from dozens of canvases.

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Our reproductions of Robert Delaunay's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

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Make an oil on canvas reproduction of Delaunay's paintings

Influenced in his early works by Neo-Impressionism and the painting technique known as Pointillism or Divisionism, Delaunay created shapes using colored squares that resembled a mosaic. He often left small areas of canvas blank to create a sense of space and light; even at this stage of development, his interest in brilliant colors was noticeable.

As his style matured, Delaunay developed his squares resembling complex geometric faceted mosaics, in which solid objects and their surrounding spaces were fragmented, much like in Cubism.

These canvases are known for their dynamic movement and their celebration of urban life, particularly that of Paris with the motif often repeated by Delaunay of the Eiffel Tower.

Delaunay had his own theories on color; he was interested both in color for its material form and for its great expressive power. He was particularly captivated by how the interplay of different colors generated impressions of movement and depth without allusion to nature. Delaunay wrote that "the rupture of form by light creates colored planes ... [which] are the structure of the image ... nature is no longer a subject of description, but a pretext".

Finally, he abandons "the images or the reality which corrupt the order of the color" - thus turning to complete abstraction.


Robert Delaunay's style

Robert Delaunay's colorful and formally experimental paintings were a unique fusion of European artistic trends of the early XNUMXth century. His best-known works center on the visually and intellectually stimulating world of Belle Époque in Paris, in which he and his wife, Sonia Delaunay (Terk), founded the Orphism movement. The style was distinguished by faceted compositions, vivid colors and contemporary subjects which together conveyed the pleasure of modern life and its technological innovations.

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