Reproductions of Jean-Michel Basquiat hand-painted paintings on canvas

Buying an oil painting reproduction of Jean-Michel Basquiat on canvas is a bit complicated, due to regulations in force. Here is how to do it.

You can not buy a reproduction of Jean-Michel Basquiat DIRECTLY on this site, but you can, for any canvas of your choice,

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No images available on this site due to the copyright relating to this artist.
However, you can follow this link to an external gallery:

or on the Dark Web with the Tor browser:

Regulations on reproductions of paintings

The regulations in most countries prohibit the reproduction of artists who have died for less than 70 years, and even more so of those who are still alive. This is called copyright. No problem for the reproductions of classical artists, however, as they are long dead and buried.

Making reproductions of Jean-Michel Basquiat is another story.

Hand-painted reproductions of Basquiat's paintings

Reproductions of paintings by Jean-Michel Basquiat are, on the other hand, tolerated in many countries.

And there is no problem to send them all over the world. The law can change, but for now it seems that customs in all countries allow artist reproductions to pass without problem, subject to copyright in the country, or not. At first glance, they have other things to do at customs than waste their time protecting the possible gains of a few already wealthy heirs.

I'm not even going to try to show you a Jean-Michel Basquiat gallery here, I don't want to risk being penalized by search engines. Nor incur the wrath of the aforesaid beneficiaries.
However, anyone can easily find them on the net. A quick search gives immediate results.

Personal note on the reproduction of a painting and the paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat reproduced by hand

I completely agree to respect the regulations in force, and I remove from my site the canvases that are the subject of copyright, as far as I am informed. I use the term regulation, not law, in order to focus on what does not appear to me to be a criminal practice.

I am in favor of art for all, and it seems to me that the artist who creates for the sole purpose of satisfying his greed does not represent my idea of ​​an artist. Moreover, what is wrong with reproducing a canvas? I am not talking about making a fake in order to fool a potential buyer, which is dishonest AND criminal, but to make a reproduction that allows everyone to enjoy an object of art, at home, for their own sake. own satisfaction.

We are told that an individual has the right to reproduce a work by Jean-Michel Basquiat, if he does so for himself, and his personal pleasure. I find it downright fake, to tell you the truth: who knows how to paint at such a level? Few people, believe me. I myself am a seasoned painter, and it took almost 30 years to reach my current level.

The reproduction of master paintings is an art in itself, which is not given to everyone. We render a service to the art world by popularizing it, by making it circulate, and by allowing those whom the rich heirs or the successful artists call, in a disparaging way, "the plebs", to exhibit at home a known work.

I'm asking you: what's wrong with that? With all the misery that there is in the world, bringing a little happiness and culture in often very cold cottages does not seem to me to deserve the opprobrium of the artistic world. Even less that of a few heirs who only contributed to the art world by being born.

There, I had to say it. Once again, this opinion is solely my opinion.


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