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Reproduction of Vasarely's paintings painted by hand

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Buy a hand painted oil reproduction of a painting by Victor Vasarely

Our reproductions of Victor Vasarely's paintings are handmade and made with oil paint on a quality canvas. They are used for interior decoration and will embellish your living or working place.

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Make an oil on canvas reproduction of Victor Vasarely's paintings

Vasarely was perhaps the first modern artist to realize that kinetic art didn't have to move. Instead, he created an extraordinary series of paintings and sculptures that used geometric effects to suggest movement within static forms. From illusions of oscillation and vibration to Escher-like tricks, where apparent indentations in the surface of the image seem to suddenly protrude from it, Vasarely's pioneering techniques not only influenced the Op Art movement 1960s, but helped define the whole psychedelic vibe of that decade.


Like his predecessors in the constructivist and concrete art movements, Vasarely wanted to create a universal visual vocabulary for modern art. In the 1960s, he had developed what he called a "Plastic Alphabet" of infinitely interchangeable compositional elements.

These small square units each consisted of a simple combination of figure and background, the color and shape of which could be altered in many ways, to be arranged in any pattern imaginable. This aspect of Vasarely's work exemplifies a post-World War II preoccupation with using art to communicate across national and cultural boundaries, removing any topical reference and using visual effects so simple that 'they would mean the same to any viewer. In this way, Vasarely sought to create what he called a "Planetary Folklore".


As a student of constructivism, Vasarely believed that art should pursue a functional purpose within society, a purpose he pursued in part by exploring the overlaps between art and architecture. In addition to designing murals and other visual features specifically for architectural spaces, Vasarely believed that his visual vocabulary of interchangeable compositional elements could be used in urban planning, as a way to combine the qualities of regularity and variety in domestic architecture, street design, etc. While many artists from the 1910s had reflected on how modern art and architecture could influence each other, few pursued this idea with such a singular and coherent vision as Vasarely.


Vasarely's style

Victor Vasarely has provided us with some of the most distinctive images and optical effects in 1930th century art. From his days as a commercial graphic designer in 1940s-1960s Paris to his final decades developing and marketing what he hoped would become a new universal language for art and architectural design, Vasarely followed a unique path, combining virtuoso technical precision with a scientific awareness of optical and geometric effects. He is best known for his grid-like paintings and sculptures from the XNUMXs, which play with the reader's sense of visual form by creating illusory, shimmering effects of depth, perspective and movement. By making the act of looking one of their main subjects, these works demonstrate a decidedly modern concern with the difference between what we can see and what is actually there.

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