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By creating some of the most visually distinctive and satirical images of turn-of-the-century Parisian life, Vallotton earned the title of the greatest engraver of his generation. Credited with actually reviving the art of woodblock printing, he drew inspiration from the traditions of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, by XNUMXth century artists such as Katsushika Hokusai et Utagawa Hiroshige, to create biting political narratives whose effect was heightened by its bold contrast in jet black ink on white paper.


Although he was at the center of the most experimental period of Western art, Vallotton remained above all devoted to realistic representations. Resisting the abstract preferences of the avant-garde, he produced a more idiosyncratic style of painting that the public and critics of the time did not fully understand and as such he can be given credit for to have expanded the parameters of what it meant to be a "modernist". Indeed, his audacity and originality led to a habit of creating polemics of which the avant-garde would have been proud.


Vallotton was famous for an album of 10 engravings entitled Intimacies, a collection of domestic vignettes relating the intimate liaisons between bourgeois couples. In Vallotton's dismantling of the forbidden mores of private bourgeois life, he had, according to historians such as Merel van Tilburg, aligned art with late XNUMXth-century literature in the same way as commentaries on hidden drives of the human psyche anticipated the imminent birth of psychoanalysis.


Based on sketches and photographs, but formed in his imagination, Vallotton's composite landscapes ("patched landscapes") were unique and possessed an otherworldly quality that might have preempted the Surrealists. With their bold outlines, flat colors and silhouettes, images such as Les Gerbes (1915) and L'église de Souain en silhouette (1917) remain among the most moving symbolic meditations on the affects of the Great War.


Vallotton's style

Vallotton never reached the heights of fame of some of his avant-garde contemporaries, but he developed his own style and history now regards him as one of the most original artists of his time. His status rests on a body of work that encompasses portraits, satirical engravings, inner narratives, landscapes and still lifes. His first engravings attracted the attention of Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard who invited him to join the Nabis group. If he never really imposed himself as a member of the Nabis, his affiliation to the group put him in contact with a circle of literary bohemians. Through these new associations, he was able to chart a more singular path that saw him make a name for himself via a collection of groundbreaking satirical woodcuts for left-leaning avant-garde journals. As his career progressed, Vallotton increasingly turned his dispassionate gaze towards painting. Transferring the block technique from his prints to his painting, his distinctive vision struck a fine balance between realistic and symbolist techniques that saw many of his mature works convey a palpable sense of psychological unease.

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