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Reproduction of hand-painted paintings, on canvas, in oils.

My workshop has been open for 25 years, and I gradually set up a team of exceptional painters, all selected for their artistic qualities and techniques: classical art, modern art, landscapes, portraits, etc.
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We are able to practically reproduce any work of art, in any style. But don't take our word for it, take a look at a small gallery of paintings already made at our workshop.

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Your superb reproductions of paintings in our workshop

Our philosophy ...

All your reproductions of paintings are hand painted in our workshop. We only use classic techniques and materials.

We carry out for you real oil paintings which give an unequaled result and which resist time.

We focus our philosophy on monitoring your canvas, the quality of production and the relationship with our customers, whose orders we follow from start to finish.

Reproductions of hand-painted paintings

Our reproductions of paintings are made on quality canvas, prepared and painted directly in our workshop.

After finishing, they remain there the normal drying time for a canvas, then after re-verification, we pack them and we deliver them to you.

We have no middleman or expensive sales team, we do not buy from other workshops to resell, hence no additional cost or inflated prices. Your painting is made with us, and when it comes out, it arrives directly at your home.

We are proud to provide quality reproductions made in an artisanal way, at a fair price, for our clientele of connoisseurs for 20 years already.

About our workshop

  1. We have a large workshop, where painters make copies in better conditions than in France. We do not stock, or very little, paintings, and when you order we prepare your painting especially for you, from the cutting of the canvas to its finishing and its packaging.
    As our workshop is relatively large, we can easily make large size reproductions of paintings.

  2. Technically, we start from the darkest layers, without details, to gradually rise in the lightest tones, refining the details as we go along.
    For the luxury line, we do not work in linear (juxtapositon of colors), but by successive strata with layers which come to overlap in transparency (the glacis, classic technique of oil painting) on ​​the bottom. Hence more work and material, and an exceptional result.

  3. Each table is made after order, according to your specifications. The price varies depending on the working time required, the size of the work to be reproduced and its difficulty. While some tables are easy to reproduce, some can be extremely complicated.
    There is actually no secret: if you want a superb reproduction of a painting, it will take time, know-how and application.

  4. We all ship by a professional carrier - UPS generally for Europe and Fed-Ex for the United States. The package will therefore arrive in good condition at your home, and you are insured in case of damage or loss.

Works subject to copyright

In order to respect everyone's copyright, I make sure not to publish on this site any paintings subject to copyright.

Note, however, that the collection offered on our site is nearly twenty thousand paintings, I cannot check them one by one, so I will be grateful if you have any error, kindly let us know, I I will make a point of erasing it from this site.

I will simply ask you for this:

  1. To remain courteous. I will not respond to unpleasant people, and even less to threatening or insulting emails (like: big ass!; I'm going to take you to court; I'm going to come and break your workshop, etc. etc.). If you take it like that, then do what you think is right: I look forward to you.
  2. I receive emails of all kinds, especially from competing sites, which offer the same canvases and try to get them removed - a common practice in the industry, which I live in. I will therefore ask you to provide proof of your identity (photo of identity document), proof of your role as beneficiary or person representing rights holders, and proof of copyright filed. for the canvas (s).
  3. NO ! An email with an address like this [email protected], [email protected] ou [email protected] does not constitute proof of your rights, nor of your identity.

Thank you for your understanding, Paul

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